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1. “Create Extraordinary happiness from extreme gratefulness, not from financial or circumstantial gain or loss, and build a bridge above anxiety and fear.” – Chip Esajian

2. “Dance with your fear until it turns into courage.” – Chip Esajian

3. “Become a contagious virus of EXTRAORDINARY happiness and infect everyone in your path.” – Chip Esajian

4. "If you fail, keep moving forward because success is right around the corner." – Chip Esajian

5. “When you’re grateful, you can’t be hateful.” – Chip Esajian

6. “You have the faith to know that red lights turn green, so what’s keeping you from your dream?”                       – Chip Esajian

7. “Create a light at the end of the tunnel even if you don’t see one!” – Chip Esajian

8. “If you always stand on the edge of extraordinary expectation of wonderful things happening, you will engage many miracles.” – Chip Esajian

9. "Be grateful, be interested in people, be optimistic, give value, have fun, lighten up, let go of the past and laugh." – Chip Esajian

10. “A hater is their own worst enemy, you just got in their path, so don’t take it personally and get caught in their aftermath.” – Chip Esajian

11. "Failure isn't the end - it's the beginning of success!" – Chip Esajian

12. “To have all you want, you must first see all you have, then you will realize you have more than most.”           – Chip Esajian

13. “To have a better view, create a better you.” – Chip Esajian

14. “To know courage, is to step into the unknown to make it known.” – Chip Esajian

15. “If your heart beats, your dreams can live!” – Chip Esajian

16. “Circumstances will always arise and exist, so elevate your gratitude and victoriously persist.” – Chip Esajian

17. “If you want better thoughts, practice better thinking until you get better at thinking better thoughts.” – Chip Esajian

18. “Always work to be better than you are, while being happy where you are.” – Chip Esajian

19. “You are amazing, special and unique, and don’t let yourself tell you any different.” – Chip Esajian

20. “If you want to change another’s view, change you.” – Chip Esajian

21. “When you stop giving your feelings a vote in your thought life, you eliminate more than half of the drama in your life.” – Chip Esajian

22. “Trying to control others is like walking into a lion’s den expecting puppies, so just create a better you.”         – Chip Esajian

23. “If you want more than you have, become more than you are, and receive more than you imagine.”                – Chip Esajian

24. “If you want more out of your life, invest more into your life.” – Chip Esajian

25. “Your moments are miraculous, so make them matter!” – Chip Esajian

26. “The key to happiness is being grateful while others are being hateful.” – Chip Esajian

27. “Face your fears, encourage your courage, fly above your failures, grow your gratitude and live at a breathtaking altitude!” – Chip Esajian

28. “Your greatest moments are ahead, but you must create the victorious mindset to see them!” – Chip Esajian

29. “To have a life you’ve never had, let go of the life you have.” – Chip Esajian

30. "The distance from problem to solution only exists in the thickness of the wall you created in your mind."       – Chip Esajian

31. “Whoever you blame is the leader of you!” – Chip Esajian

32. “You will not always have victorious circumstances, but you can always choose to have a victorious attitude!” – Chip Esajian

33. “Enjoy the journey, for destinations are only a water-stop on the way to the next journey.” – Chip Esajian