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“Powerful! Empowering! Beautiful! I loved reading this book from beginning to end, then going back and relishing each simple chapter. It is an easy read, you don't want to put it down, and most importantly how reading this book makes you feel. I feel unstoppable! I am grateful! I am excited! I feel I can do anything! What an amazing feeling!” 
- Yael 

“As a Licensed Therapist with a Bachelor's degree, two Master's and a PhD in Clinical Psychology; plus over 25 years' experience working in the mental health profession, I was extremely impressed with Chip's book, “The Victorious Mindset”.  Having read literally hundreds of Spiritual/Self-Help books throughout my career, I was especially excited about how pragmatic and simple his program is outlined in the book. It blew my mind that without a formal education in psychology, Chip was able to accurately identify the process of positive cognitive, behavioral and emotional change. As a proponent of bibliotherapy, “The Victorious Mindset” will definitely be one of the books I suggest to my clientele in my private practice.” 
- Dr. Richie Cole, Director DRAT Therapeutiks

"I'm privileged and grateful to have had the opportunity to read Chip's book.   It is touching, heartfelt, inspirational and uplifting.  It's a testament to the individual Chip has become through his experiences. 'The Victorious Mindset' will transform so many lives for the better! A must read!” 
- Joy Bing Fleming MBA, CC, Certified Life and Career Coach, LifePassion.net 

 “The quicker you forgive the quicker you can REALLY begin to live” was really the turning point for me after reading 'The Victorious Mindset.' This book has helped me to identify and target my role in this wonderful journey of becoming the person I have only dreamed I could be in this beautiful opportunity we call life. This book is a 'MUST' read for everyone who is ready to go down a 'different road' to the next step in becoming everything 'extraordinary' that you have always wanted to become. Join us, be brave and take control of your Mindset today!” 
- Lisa Beavers, Intervention, Treatment and Recovery Counselor 

“Extraordinary, Motivational, Inspirational and Caring are just a few words that describe Chip Esajian . . . his message is powerful and uplifting, pay attention to his words of wisdom for they are life changing!” 
- Chadi Bazzi, Business Architect

“I have a saying that I live my life by ... 'Strategy Matters and Passion Rules!' I speak and work with thousands of people and Chip Esajian is one of the people who exemplify this saying to the highest degree!   His message in this book (and his mission in life) is 100% uplifting. This is a book you need to be reading right now!” 
- Tom Ferry, New York Times Best Selling Author of, Life! By Design  

“This book will revolutionize your life!  I have known Chip for over 20 years and I have personally watched his life transform in front of my eyes. From ashes to oil he has renewed his mind and become a powerful, positive force in this world.  I rank this book a #1 must read to make this year the most prosperous and dynamic year ever!” 
- Dr. Phil Aguilar, Doctor of Divinity 

“Chip is a Powerful, Dynamic, “on-fire-for-life” guy, whose calling is to help you go from ordinary to 'Extraordinary!' This book will literally change the way you look at life and your circumstances! 
Chip's zeal and excitement for others encourages me to keep my focus on the ABUNDANCE mindset so I can be 'full on' for others. 'The Victorious Mindset' is a simple system to powerfully change your life!” 
- Tina Herz, Internet Marketer, TinaHerz.com 

“I absolutely loved this book. It is easy to read, follow and absorb. The references to everyday life make it more realistic. This book has inspired me to continue to move on with my life creating extraordinary!  I have already picked it up a second time to practice the victorious quotes. Any age could and will benefit from the valuable information in this book. You just need to know how to read and follow instructions. Your book has made a huge impact on my life during all the transitions I have been making and I am making them all extraordinary with my victorious mindset you have inspired!” 
- D'Ann L. Jacobs RN, BSN, LNC 

“Reading the Victorious Mindset has been an empowering experience. It is easy to read and clearly written. It gives a new approach to 'self-help' and engages you to look at yourself. It motivates you to wanna be a better person. I am so excited to begin the worksheets and start on healing my life. Kudos to Chip for taking his life experiences to help others find peace and contentment with theirs. This is extraordinary work!” 
- Rosanne Maestas-Olds, Wellness Coach 

 “Reading 'The Victorious Mindset' was extraordinary to say the least! Without realizing it, Chip has taken the basic tenets of cognitive behavioral therapy and proven them to be correct. He has shown, through his own experience, that people can indeed change their thoughts, which in turn can change their emotions and their behaviors. He puts what could be years of therapy in an easy to read format which anyone can follow. I would highly recommend this book to friends and clients alike!” 
- Carol McCormack - MSW

 “When I first read the book, I knew I had to do the steps. This is the single most encouraging life transformation book I have read! It's easy to follow steps are a promising vision of a life that was once unimaginable; the work will make you a stronger empowered version of yourself. Great job Chip! I'm looking forward to your follow up. You are truly an inspiration to all.” 
- Melody Neary, FMLP DV/SA.C.I.C. 

“I personally witnessed Chip Transform his mindset and his life in a matter of just a few weeks with the thoughts, principals and ideas he shares in this book. These are not just theories, they are practical and they are powerful!” 
- Tom Pelton, Manager Prudential Calif. Realty 

“I have spent many years training in the human development arena of Spirituality, Structural Design and Financial Education. Furthermore, I have been a world martial arts champion, designer and builder of the 10 million dollar Bat mobile, and have spent many years in the study and practice as an investment banker. I have studied a wide variety of books and known many teachers in the self-help field. Chip Esajian's book, 'The Victorious Mindset,' ranks at the very top of my long list of books and teachers. Chip Esajian conveys limitless energy and power inspiration, which will power jumpstart you toward a path of victory and fulfillment in your life!” 
- Steve Sakane, Leader of Security and Peace of Mind 

“Once we began to read this book, we weren't able to put it down. Extraordinary Powerful Book! If others apply these simple steps to their lives each day, they will notice changes in their thoughts and lives right away! We know it will empower anyone of us who is willing to admit 'It's time to change what I am doing'! This book says it all, if you wish to change your life, its right here in Chip's book, on how to do just that. It has been an honor to read The Victorious Mindset!" 
- Joseph Stricklin and Pamala Taylor Stricklin